Missions at Faith


We believe that missions should be a priority for our church. We financially support a number of individual missionaries all around the world. Our missions program is led by Curtis Lewis. If you would like to find out how you can become more involved in this ministry, please contact Curtis. There are opportunities to host visiting missionaries overnight in your home or even for just a meal. These are wonderful times to get to know the missionaries more personally and to hear the great stories of how God is working on the fields where they serve.

Sometimes missionaries whom we do not support financially ask for the opportunity to present their work in our services. When our church calendar allows for it, we invite them to come. We do this in order to allow the members of the congregation the opportunity to see for themselves what God is doing around the world. If the Lord moves you individually to support them through direct contributions, we encourage you to do so. Of course, the most important means of support is through prayer, not through dollars, so we encourage you to support by prayer any missionary whom the Lord lays on your heart.

Occasionally we feel the Lord leading us to begin supporting an additional missionary. Before being supported, the prospective missionary must meet with our missions committee, fill out questionnaires, visit for an interview, etc. Once the missions committee feels that the prospective missionary and Faith are good matches for each other, a recommendation is then made to the elder board for the final decision regarding financial support. From that point on, the relationship continues to grow as the missionary visits when in the area and as our church keeps in regular correspondence. Through this process, a team bond is built and the people at Faith join the missionary in reaching the world for Christ.