Growth Year

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Anthem Growth Year provides young adults with the opportunity to develop their character, biblical knowledge, and practical leadership skills while actively engaging in community and creating memorable experiences.

All participants are offered an in-depth and hands-on educational experience that includes online courses through The Master’s University. In addition to formal university classes, students will also participate in a variety of seminars specifically chosen to best equip them for Christian service. Outside the classroom, students will put their education into practical use through leadership and ministry opportunities.

All students will leave with a well-rounded biblical education, valuable leadership experience, and gospel-centered memories.



One of the unique features of Anthem Growth Year is the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time in diverse cultural settings. All travel, housing, and food expenses during these trips are covered in the cost of the program.

International Missions Trips

Mexico | Students will get to be part of what God is doing in another culture during our weekend missions trip to Mexico.

Philippines | On a short-term missions trip to the Philippines, students will be able to break free from the routines they are currently experiencing here in the United States to learn how to minister in an entirely different culture.


Students will have the amazing opportunity to enhance their knowledge of the geographical, historical, archaeological, and cultural understanding of the land of the Bible during our trip to Israel.


Through a variety of day and overnight trips, students will experience the culture and diversity of California. These trips will include excursions to various landmarks and venues in the Los Angeles area.


The Anthem Growth Year adventures and specifically the missions trips are not possible without the foundation of valuable hands-on training. Here are some areas in which participants will be trained.


  • Take ownership of tasks and gain confidence in your leadership.

  • Present ideas and participate in brain-storming sessions.

  • Lead and maintain relationships with volunteers.


  • Learn the basics of preparing for and delivering a message.

  • Gain confidence by teaching in appropriate settings.

  • Build comfort speaking in front of groups.


  • Share the gospel with children by working with a Good News Club in a public school.

  • Reach out and evangelize students at Antelope Valley College.

  • Engage others in our community by serving in various settings.

Team Building

  • Learn more about your strengths and how to use them in groups.

  • Work with a team of like-minded believers in both formal and informal settings.

  • Enjoy many excursions created to build team unity.

Event Planning

  • Plan and coordinate a variety of church and community events.

  • Learn the logistics of working with outside groups.

  • Work alongside church staff and volunteers.


  • Sharpen your gifts and talents by working with church leaders.

  • Spend time daily in group prayer and devotions under the leadership of the pastoral staff.

  • Learn in interactive settings how to apply the Bible to your life.




The hands-on training with Anthem Growth Year takes place through serving in a variety of ministries. Each student will participate in three core ministries and choose at least one other area of service.

Included Ministries

Summer Crew

  • Serve in various leadership roles during Vacation Bible School, Camp Faith, and other summer programs.

  • Assist with the preparation of Vacation Bible School, including decorations and administrative work.

  • Help promote and coordinate Camp Faith, a week-long children's camp.

Antelope Valley College Campus Outreach

  • Spend time weekly reaching out to students on the campus of Antelope Valley College.

  • Learn and apply various evangelistic techniques.

Good News Club

  • Work with Good News Club leadership to minister to kids at a local public school.

  • Help plan and organize the weekly gatherings.

  • Work behind the scenes in administration and logistical planning.

Additional Ministries

Children’s Ministry

  • Work with children’s ministry leadership.

  • Serve in Sunday school classes and/or the weekly Awana program.

  • Research and prepare biblical lessons and learning activities.

  • Plan and coordinate a variety of children’s events.

  • Assist with volunteer communication.

Anthem Youth

  • Work with the leadership of the youth ministry.

  • Serve in our weekly youth gatherings on Sunday morning and/or Tuesday evenings.

  • Plan and coordinate events including camps.

  • Lead or co-lead a group of middle school or high school students.

  • Research and plan for creative elements used during youth gatherings.

Worship Team

  • Work alongside the worship leader in various settings.

  • Receive leadership and talent development from members of our worship team.

  • Help plan weekly worship for Sunday mornings and/or youth group.

Additional Good News Club

  • Serve in one or more of our additional Good News Clubs.

Anthem Growth Year is not limited to those who attend Faith Community Church. It is our desire to train students from like-minded churches during the week and then send them back into ministry at their home church. We encourage students of other churches not to serve at Faith Community but instead to work with the leadership at their home church to choose an area of emphasis where they can be trained and serve. We allow for flexibility in our weekly schedule for students to return to their home church for weekly service opportunities as well as participation in the Sunday services.


During eight-week blocks, students will learn directly from the pastoral staff at Faith Community Church about a variety of topics. The following seminars will equip participants in practical theology, ministry skills, and leadership ability. Each seminar meets weekly for approximately one hour. Most of them will not require any outside work, but some may require one or two extra hours per week.

Biblical Counseling I
Biblical Counseling II
Biblical Manhood & Womanhood
Decision Making
Homosexuality & Transgenderism
Message Preparation
Missions I
Missions II
Spiritual Disciplines
Spiritual Gifts
Systematic Theology I
Systematic Theology II
Systematic Theology III
Systematic Theology IV
World Religions




Students have the option of taking five classes through the online program of The Master’s University, which is an accredited institution. These courses will give each student an accurate understanding of how to study, interpret, and apply the Bible as well as a survey of the Old and New Testaments. One of the assignments is for students to read through the entire Bible over the course of the year.

By enrolling in these courses, students can receive up to 15 transferable college credits. Most Christian colleges and universities will accept these credits as part of their Bible requirements, and some secular universities will accept them as elective credits.

During eight-week blocks, students will take one or two of the courses listed below. For each class students should plan to spend approximately twelve to fifteen hours per week completing the required activities, which include viewing lectures and completing assignments. The Growth Year schedule provides several hours each day for this purpose.

Biblical Interpretation (Three Credits)

An analysis of how to study and understand Scripture. Emphasis will be placed on the vital methods used to apply a passage, and the specific rules used to interpret biblical narratives, poetry, parables, and prophecy.

Old Testament Survey I (Three Credits)
Old Testament Survey II (Three Credits)

An introduction to the entire Old Testament, employing both thematic and exegetical methods. Literary structure, historical background, and parallel passages are also utilized to discover the unique and priceless lessons of each book. The first course surveys Genesis through Samuel, and the second covers Kings through Malachi.

New Testament Survey I (Three Credits)
New Testament Survey II (Three Credits)

An introduction to the books of the New Testament, with special emphasis on the life, teachings, and redemptive work of Christ, the founding and growth of the church, and the teachings of the epistles and Revelation. On the basis of the biblical text, parallel readings, projects, and lectures, the events and messages of the New Testament will be portrayed against their historical and cultural setting. The first course surveys the gospels and Acts, while the second is devoted to the epistles and Revelation.

KEY Dates

  • Summer Crew Begins: May 6, 2019

  • Mexico Trip: May 24–26, 2019

  • Summer Break: July 4–14, 2019

  • Seminars & Courses Begin: July 15, 2019

  • Winter Break: December 16, 2019 – January 5, 2020

  • Philippines Trip: TBD, Winter 2020

  • Israel Trip: TBD, Winter 2020

  • Graduation: May 10, 2020

Cost Breakdown

The base cost covers all expenses associated with our local and international trips, and all seminars. This cost does not cover room and board or the cost needed to receive transferable TMU credits.

Base Cost: $6,000
Optional TMU Credit Cost: $4,000

Students are expected to fundraise an additional $1,000 to help cover the cost of the Philippines missions trip. Any extra funds beyond the $1,000 raised will be subtracted from the base cost.

Students who join the Summer Crew will receive an additional love offering from the members of Faith Community Church (amount varies by year).

Application Process

  • Spots are very limited.

  • Fill out the interest form below to begin the application process.

  • All applicants have to complete an interview process with the Anthem Growth Year leadership.

  • All applicants have to sign and agree with the doctrinal statements of Faith Community Church and The Master’s University.

  • All students need to complete a background check before serving in any ministries.