Mike and Becky Scott

Mike and Becky Scott

World Team

Current Address:
Box 1275
Three Hills, AB
T0M 2A0

Field Address:
CBC Box 4
Kumba SW Province


Anniversary: May 4

Mike - August 26
Becky - March 23
Christy - March 4
Jenny - August 14
Kenneth - April 13
Laura - July 2

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Mike and Becky Scott serve with World Team in Cameroon among the Oroko people. Over the past ten years, they have worked to develop the writing system of the Oroko language. Today they are working with the local churches to promote literacy and translate God's Word into the Oroko language. They live in Big Bekondo with their four children Christy, Jenny, Kenneth, and Laura, translating Scripture, training Oroko translators, developing literacy materials, and discipling.