Joseph and Sarah Ryan

Joseph and Sarah Ryan

Chosen People Ministries

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Anniversary: July 21

Joseph - November 10
Sarah - July 18
Miriam - December 17


Joseph was raised in a secular home in Norwalk, California. On Christmas Day in 2003, at the age of 26, Joseph was radically transformed through the gospel proclaimed to him by a homeless man in Pasadena, California. In 2006 Joseph visited Israel on his mid-tour leave from deployment in Iraq where he was serving as a naval officer. While he was in Israel, the Lord began revealing to Joseph the Jewish roots of his faith and God’s heart and prophetic plan to restore the Jewish people through the witness of Gentile Christians (Romans 11:11). In 2008 Joseph followed this leading and resigned his commission in order to prepare for full-time ministry among the Jewish people. He enrolled at Talbot School of Theology and graduated in 2012 with his master's degree.

Joseph came on staff with Chosen People Ministries and moved to New York in 2013. The following year Joseph and his wife Sarah helped to plant Beth Sar Shalom Messianic Congregation in the heart of Orthodox Jewish Brooklyn, where Joseph serves on the pastoral team. Joseph also has a regular presence on the streets with his evangelistic book table proclaiming the good news of the Jewish Messiah. Sarah, a Jewish believer from San Diego, lived and taught in Israeli public schools for eight years where she became fluent in Hebrew. She serves alongside her husband leading worship and assisting in children's and youth ministry at Beth Sar Shalom Congregation. Joseph and Sarah’s desire is to see Jewish people find their Messiah and for Christians to understand and appreciate the Jewish roots of their faith and God’s unfailing love for Israel.