Bible Survey Class


Welcome to the home page for Brad Norman's Bible survey class! This webpage is designed to help those who attend the class by providing the current teaching notes as well as any handouts given in class. Click here to access materials used previously in the class. We are covering the entire Bible during a period of approximately seven years. The main translation used in class is the Christian Standard Bible (CSB). We are meeting during the 9:30 service in building A. Even if you can't attend the class, we encourage you to read and study through the Bible with us. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Brad at the church office.

Date Passage Notes Handouts
1/28/18 Judges 1:1–2 Judges (pages 1–3) Judges Outline; Hebrew Order of the OT
2/4/18 Judges 1:3–7 Judges (pages 3–4)
2/11/18 Judges 1:8–20 Judges (pages 4–7)
2/18/18 Judges 1:21–29 Judges (pages 7–9)
2/25/18 Judges 1:30–2:5 Judges (pages 9–14)
3/4/18 Judges 2:6–13 Judges (pages 14–17)
3/11/18 Judges 2:14–23 Judges (pages 17–19)
3/18/18 Judges 3:1–11